fredag, juni 01, 2007

Allt om Grey's Anatomy

Veckans bloggtips: Här bloggar författarna till Grey's Anatomy. Mycket ambitiös, personlig och välskriven blogg av till exempel skaparen Shonda Rhimes. (Varning för spoilers förstås.) Så här skriver till exempel Krista Vernoff om ett avsnitt baserat på hennes egna upplevelser:

The card at the end of this hour of TV that read “In memory of Bob Verne” was a tribute to my father. He died six years ago at the age of 56 after a very short battle with esophageal cancer. He called me one day at my office at Charmed and told me he thought he had the flu. A week after that he had surgery on a massive tumor at the base of his esophagus.
At one point, the doctors gathered the family to tell us that my Dad had a kink in his breathing tube and that they might not be able to get a new one in. They told us we needed to prepare ourselves for the possibility that this was it. We stood out in the hallway and waited, holding our breath, terrified. There was another family there in the hallway, the family of a 16 year old boy who’d been shot on the street on his way home from work in what was feared to be gang related violence, though his family insisted that he was a good kid, that he wasn’t in any gang. They were as scared as we were as they waited for news of condition. We talked to them for awhile, made small talk, then fell silent. And after a long, pregnant pause, one of the teenagers of the family looked over at a member of my family with a very disturbed look on his face. And then he said “Dang. Somebody just farted. And I think it’s this old white guy right here.” My family laughed harder than we have ever laughed in our lives. And my dad lived through the reintubation.
He lived for three more days.

Läs det fullständiga inlägget och den gripande fortsättningen här.
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Anonym sa...

Älskar Greys Anatomy, helt klart en av de bästa seriena på tv just nu. =)
Det avsnittet tyckte jag var så himla bra, visste inte det var baserat på sann historia. Speciellt inte den delen då de väntar i gången o nån släpper sig...haha...