söndag, maj 13, 2007

ESC 2007 - finalen

Grattis Serbien!

Undrar du vad hon sjunger om? Här är den officiella översättningen:

Music by: Vladimir Graić
Lyrics by: S.M.Mare

I'm wide awake
An empty bed drives my dreams away
Life melts like ice
Disappears in the twinkling of an eye
I'm losing my mind,

Pushing reality out of sight
Our lips are touching softly
You're the one I believe blindly
I walk around like crazy

Falling in love frightens me
Days are like wounds
Countless and hard to get through

It burns my sore lips like a fire
Thy name is something I admire
Heaven knows just as well as I do
So many times I have cried over you
Heaven knows just as well as I do
I pray and live only for you
I can't lie to God

as I kneel down and pray
You're the love of my life
That's the only thing I can say

Mer om finalen kan du läsa hos DN, SVT och esctoday.
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